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Install ShowBox on Mac

ShowBox is a perfect app for all the movie lovers. It not only entertains you to your heart's content but allows you to share video links with friends and family over all the social media sites.

It is an application that is taking people by storm. Undoubtedly ShowBox is entertaining users for a long time now. The only restriction felt by it users and most of the customers was that it was not available for iOS devices.

The good news is that now ShowBox HD is available for iOS devices like iPhone, iPad, iPod touch and Mac. It is quite easy to use and simple to understand. Let’s follow the procedure to download ShowBox on Mac:


Download ShowBox Apk on Mac


Before downloading ShowBox apk file, e need to install Google Chrome Browser on our devices. But if you already have it installed then you can skip this step.

Step 1 - Open Google Chrome and download “ARC Welder” Android emulator.

Step 2 - Click on “Add to Chrome”

Step 3 - Open a new tab on Google Chrome and press “Apps”

Step 4 - Open ARC Welder and hit on “choose”. This will allow you to make a different directory of file to save all your Android applications.

Step 5 - Download ShowBox Apk file on your Mac.

Step 6 - Go to ARC Welder and press “Add your Apk”. Now add ShowBox. Apk file.

Step 7 - Now you can test whether the app is working or not by pressing on “Test”.

Step 8 - ShowBox apk file will successfully run on your device.


Final Words

ShowBox HD is an application that can entertain you with unlimited stock of movies. Believe me, it is impossible to get over with the amount of movies present in the application. It would be wonderful if you could experience the app by yourself. Do share your experience with us by writing your comments below. Thank you!

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