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BHIM app and prepaid card apps

Prepaid cards are the latest trend in monetary transactions. Ever since India embarked on the journey to become cashless, there has been a great spurt in interest in getting ways to exchange value without hard cash. Prepaid cards are deemed the safest mode of currency, plus they are also easy to use.

With BHIM UPI making it to the fore with its own set of features, and being just as safe as prepaid cards, if not safer, a lot of people want to use both of them, or cannot decide which app they should prefer using. Well, here is all you will need to know about the system.


Pros of using BHIM UPI:

BHIM UPI app was recently released by the Government of India after two major currency notes were demonetised and replaced by the latest ones. The app has some great security features that afford you a lot of confidence in your banking.

BHIM app for android allows you to access your bank account details directly on your device. The app has state of the art features which allow you to request payments from anyone you choose. You can send money just as easily as well.

To add to it, BHIM app has recently come up with Aadhaar Card syncing, which allows you to pay someone through their Aadhaar details, provided both have their banks accounts synced with the Aadhaar number. It has been highly reviewed by security experts.

Why Prepaid Cards are good:

There are several cards you can find online that let you shop online without sharing your bank details with suspect merchants. A lot of them come from established banks such as ICICI, SBI and others. They’re not the same as internet banking, however. They’re not E-Wallets too.

Bhim App Vs PayTM

Prepaid Cards work this way; you can load value from your bank account(s) to the card. This money is all the money you can spend through it before needing to refill the card.

Prepaid cards are a great way to make purchases when you aren’t comfortable using your regular plastic money linked to your bank accounts for fear of phishing scams. You get a card number and pin, just like with a credit or debit card, and you can even request for a physical card that works just like a credit card!

Which is better of the two?

Both have their advantages and certainly have places they can get better. But when it comes to a comprehensive utility and performance, BHIM certainly scores higher. The app can be used to pay to people using their Aadhaar cards as well, which makes things easier and enables you to pay to people who might not have apps or even smartphones, using the *99# USSD code.

How to use BHIM UPI and Prepaid Card Apps?

You cannot currently use BHIM UPI to transfer money to your Prepaid Card account. The features are expected soon though. Keep tuning to this space for more information, and you’ll be the first to know when that happens.