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Pokemesh for Beginners: How to use

Pokemesh is an only application thats helps you play Pokemon Go and collect unlimited pokemons with total ease on your phone. Its an android application that allows you to screen maps  and location of the nearest Pokemon, Gym and Poke Spot You can see th e time left for the Pokemon to disappear from that particular spot, it filters out the unwanted Pokemons as well. If you want to can have the game running in the background which notifies you about the Pokemon available near you. Pokemesh has the ability to track Pokemon, gym and poke spot at the same time without wasting any extra Internet data of yours.

Pokemesh is not a legal Pokemon tracker as compared to Pokemon go. Pokemon Go is a game launched legally on Google Play Store whereas Pokemesh is a Pokemon tracker developed by Third party developers.

Niantic does not approve of many third party applications which also includes Pokemesh. Thus, if Niantic finds out that you’re using Pokemesh on your device they can easily discontinue your accounts related to Pokemsh and Pokemon Go.

Why you must try out Pokemesh?

This is the only reason why people are creating more than two accounts for Pokemesh app. If you are willing to risk your accounts you can go ahead with the application but with full awareness for future issues.

Now when people hear about this new application they are quite confused with its working therefore, today we are here with few steps which describe you the application and how it works!

How it works!

  • Now when you Download Pokemesh and open the app, you’ll notice a map background on which you’ll find new pokemons, gyms and pokestps detected.
  • Go to the quick menu which is available on the top left corner of the screen denoted with three horizontal lines.
  • The quick menu is the easiest way to reach all the basic features of the app for example, Settings, notifications, overplay, twitter, FaceBook, account, about and much more. You can easily access these options without digging to deep inside.
  • Now if you feel gym and pokestops are not needed on the map you can go to the settings > map and discontinue Gym and pokestop on the map.
  • Now if you go back to the map and you find a pokemon just near you tap on the pokemon and press on “Take me there”. Pokemesh directly jumps to Google maps and take you to its location.
  • Now switch to Pokemon Go and confirm this information and catch the pokemon easily.
  • If you want that the application should run in the background, go to the notification and turn on the switch. Pokemesh will send you notifications regarding pokemons and gyms without actually interrupting your work.
  • And better, if you want to see a small screen running on phone, just turn on the overplay button. It enables the application to turn into a mini size screen which is displayed 24/7 on the screen even while you’re working. You can easily swift the small screen anywhere.

Wrap up

Pokemesh is a creative and excellent game tracker which should definitely be there on your phone. Yes, of course you need to pay attention to the safety measures at the same time, but once downloaded Pokemsh can make you go crazy for Pokemons, gyms and pokestops. What do you think?