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Megabox vs Showbox:

Entertainment is the big part of anyone’s life. Movies and TV shows define entertainment greatly. As a matter of fact, I love to watch movies in my spare time. Not only you get entertained, but also learn a lot of things from the movies.

With a passage of time, everything got so advanced. So does the entertainment!  A decade ago, entertainment meant watching movies in cinema or TV. But now we are surrounded by the smart device. We can easily watch hundreds of movies on a little device in our hand.

Showbox and Megabox HD are two popular applications for streaming movies online. Here, we will dig deep through the features of both applications.




When it comes to streaming videos, Showbox comes on the first. No other application can match the performance of the Showbox.

First of all, it is absolutely free to use Showbox. Whatever you watch through the Showbox, it’s not going to cost you even a single penny.

The database of application is saturated with amazing movies and TV shows. You are allowed to pick movies or shows of every genre.

Secondly, the database is always updated with the latest content. As soon new movies get released, you will find them on the Showbox.

It gives the option to save the movie for future use.

It is basically made for the Android platform. In order to use Showbox on PC, you need an Android emulator.

Megabox HD:



Like Showbox, Megabox HD is a popular application for watching movies. You can stream any type of movie using Megabox HD.

The major difference both applications are that Megabox HD is compatible with Android and iOS. Whether you own Android phone or iPhone, Megabox HD will run on it.

Like Showbox, you are in front of the huge database containing limitless movies and shows.

The most important part, it is free to use.