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BHIM app and prepaid card apps

Prepaid cards are the latest trend in monetary transactions. Ever since India embarked on the journey to become cashless, there has been a great spurt in interest in getting ways to exchange value without hard cash. Prepaid cards are deemed the safest mode of currency, plus they are also easy to use.

With BHIM UPI making it to the fore with its own set of features, and being just as safe as prepaid cards, if not safer, a lot of people want to use both of them, or cannot decide which app they should prefer using. Well, here is all you will need to know about the system.


Pros of using BHIM UPI:

BHIM UPI app was recently released by the Government of India after two major currency notes were demonetised and replaced by the latest ones. The app has some great security features that afford you a lot of confidence in your banking.

BHIM app for android allows you to access your bank account details directly on your device. The app has state of the art features which allow you to request payments from anyone you choose. You can send money just as easily as well.

To add to it, BHIM app has recently come up with Aadhaar Card syncing, which allows you to pay someone through their Aadhaar details, provided both have their banks accounts synced with the Aadhaar number. It has been highly reviewed by security experts.

Why Prepaid Cards are good:

There are several cards you can find online that let you shop online without sharing your bank details with suspect merchants. A lot of them come from established banks such as ICICI, SBI and others. They’re not the same as internet banking, however. They’re not E-Wallets too.

Bhim App Vs PayTM

Prepaid Cards work this way; you can load value from your bank account(s) to the card. This money is all the money you can spend through it before needing to refill the card.

Prepaid cards are a great way to make purchases when you aren’t comfortable using your regular plastic money linked to your bank accounts for fear of phishing scams. You get a card number and pin, just like with a credit or debit card, and you can even request for a physical card that works just like a credit card!

Which is better of the two?

Both have their advantages and certainly have places they can get better. But when it comes to a comprehensive utility and performance, BHIM certainly scores higher. The app can be used to pay to people using their Aadhaar cards as well, which makes things easier and enables you to pay to people who might not have apps or even smartphones, using the *99# USSD code.

How to use BHIM UPI and Prepaid Card Apps?

You cannot currently use BHIM UPI to transfer money to your Prepaid Card account. The features are expected soon though. Keep tuning to this space for more information, and you’ll be the first to know when that happens.



Pokemesh for Beginners: How to use

Pokemesh is an only application thats helps you play Pokemon Go and collect unlimited pokemons with total ease on your phone. Its an android application that allows you to screen maps  and location of the nearest Pokemon, Gym and Poke Spot You can see th e time left for the Pokemon to disappear from that particular spot, it filters out the unwanted Pokemons as well. If you want to can have the game running in the background which notifies you about the Pokemon available near you. Pokemesh has the ability to track Pokemon, gym and poke spot at the same time without wasting any extra Internet data of yours.

Pokemesh is not a legal Pokemon tracker as compared to Pokemon go. Pokemon Go is a game launched legally on Google Play Store whereas Pokemesh is a Pokemon tracker developed by Third party developers.

Niantic does not approve of many third party applications which also includes Pokemesh. Thus, if Niantic finds out that you’re using Pokemesh on your device they can easily discontinue your accounts related to Pokemsh and Pokemon Go.

Why you must try out Pokemesh?

This is the only reason why people are creating more than two accounts for Pokemesh app. If you are willing to risk your accounts you can go ahead with the application but with full awareness for future issues.

Now when people hear about this new application they are quite confused with its working therefore, today we are here with few steps which describe you the application and how it works!

How it works!

  • Now when you Download Pokemesh and open the app, you’ll notice a map background on which you’ll find new pokemons, gyms and pokestps detected.
  • Go to the quick menu which is available on the top left corner of the screen denoted with three horizontal lines.
  • The quick menu is the easiest way to reach all the basic features of the app for example, Settings, notifications, overplay, twitter, FaceBook, account, about and much more. You can easily access these options without digging to deep inside.
  • Now if you feel gym and pokestops are not needed on the map you can go to the settings > map and discontinue Gym and pokestop on the map.
  • Now if you go back to the map and you find a pokemon just near you tap on the pokemon and press on “Take me there”. Pokemesh directly jumps to Google maps and take you to its location.
  • Now switch to Pokemon Go and confirm this information and catch the pokemon easily.
  • If you want that the application should run in the background, go to the notification and turn on the switch. Pokemesh will send you notifications regarding pokemons and gyms without actually interrupting your work.
  • And better, if you want to see a small screen running on phone, just turn on the overplay button. It enables the application to turn into a mini size screen which is displayed 24/7 on the screen even while you’re working. You can easily swift the small screen anywhere.

Wrap up

Pokemesh is a creative and excellent game tracker which should definitely be there on your phone. Yes, of course you need to pay attention to the safety measures at the same time, but once downloaded Pokemsh can make you go crazy for Pokemons, gyms and pokestops. What do you think?



The Showbox Killer - Why Terrarium is better than Showbox?

 ShowBox and Terrarium doesn’t need any introduction, Android users must have already gone through the app. Still if you are left behind: ShowBox and Terrarium are the best movie streaming applications for Android gadgets. They not only stream movies but also provide you with unlimited entertainment through tv shows, YouTube videos, news and new trailers.

Since a long time now people are asking for an alternative for ShowBox HD due to the errors and viruses displayed by the app. Though the app has gone through a maintenance procedure to give its customers a better application, it still is fighting to reach its lost position in the digital market.

Terrarium App Download

And there comes Terrarium in the picture, the app is as good as ShowBox and has a unique user interface that attracts the eye of the users. You might think that if the app is just like ShowBox than how is it better for Android users.

Terrarium Tv has an excellent user interface that displays all the key functions on the homepage making your task easier than ever. Right on the top you can find few man options like Quick menu, search, trending, settings and bookmark. Rather than going deep into the settings for small little work you can easily complete your task right through the homepage.

Terrarium has lightening fast downloading speed that actually allows you to get access to video links. Unlike Showbox, Terrarium Tv can easily provide you with all the episodes of your favorite series be it Supernatural, Game Of Thrones, Modern Family, White Collar, Family Guy, Friends, Vampire diaries and many more.

                                       Terrarium TV APP


Both the applications provide you with all the basic genres: Sci-fi, Adventure, Action, Drama, Thriller, Romance, Comedy, Horror, Biographies, Documentaries and Animation. These genres are almost common between all movie streaming application, therefore, differentiating on this basis can be a little tough.

Language and Subtitles are the most important feature of any movie streaming application. Showbox and Terrarium ineed provide you 15 plus languages and suitable subtitles for instance, You can opt for languages like Greek, French, Arabic, English, Spanish, Dutch or Portuguese.

The only difference between the two apps is their way of synchronizing the subtitles with the video. While ShowBox has no option to synchronize the subtitles, Terrarium Tv can easily complete this task through its sync option.

One great thing to notice about Terrarium is its trustable links. You’ll find all the video links working and easy to download as they are connected through Google therefore they can be downloaded at a lightening fast speed.

Wrap up

If we talk about the basic features of movie streaming applications they are quite common to be available in every app but Terrarium is the first app that is providing high tech features just after launching itself early this year. Definitely Terrarium has an enticing user interface and easy download links.

Terrarium TV APK has an excellent user interface that displays all the key functions on the homepage making your task easier than ever. Right on the top you can find few man options like Quick menu, search, trending, settings and bookmark. Rather than going deep into the settings for small little work you can easily complete your task right through the homepage.

Terrarium has lightening fast downloading speed that actually allows you to get access to video links. Unlike Showbox, Terrarium Tv can easily provide you with all the episodes of your favorite series be it Supernatural, Game Of Thrones, Modern Family, White Collar, Family Guy, Friends, Vampire diaries and many more.

Reference Form :

Terrarium Tv for Windows & Mac

Terrarium Tv is one of the best Movie streaming application today. Undoubtedly it provides great services to its users or maybe movie lovers. Terrarium Tv is a recent release in the virtual world, it is taking people by storm with its lightening fast speed and unlimited content to watch.


There are tv shows like Modern family, Freinds, Game of Thrones, Supernaturals, Vampire Dairies and many more. You can find latest & old classic movies as well.

Terrarium allows you to enjoy your day with unforgettable entertainment experience via your smartphone. It provides you with trustable video links to stream or download a particular video. It also enables you to choose suitable subtitles and language you want to watch the movie in.

Certainly ChromeCast is a great facility provided by a new launch in the digital market. Thus you can now enjoy movies and videos on your big screen via ChromeCast facility.

People still complain about its inability to download on any other platform like Windows or iOS devices. But let me tell you the good news is that Terrarium Tv is now available for Windows PC and Mac Laptops. Of course we have been able to find quite a few options to do so.

So today we are going to discuss the steps to download Terrarium Tv on your computer or Mac laptop. Hope it fits on your device:-


Step 1 - Download BlueStack Android Emulator on your computer system from its official website.

Step 2 - Now install the EXE file and wait for sometime to let it install.

Step 3 - Once the BlueStacks is installed, search for Terrarium Tv apk file from your web browser.

Step 4 - Download the apk file and go back to your home screen or download folder.

Step 5 - Open the the file with BlueStack emulator.

Step 6 - Install and launch terrarium Tv on your PC or Mac.

Step 7 - Now you’ll be able to see a whole new set od movies and tv shows on your screen. This means you have successfully downloaded the apk file and you are ready to watch it for free.


These were few easy steps to download Terrarium Tv apk file on your PC. Before you try out this process we strongly recommend you to please download BlueStack emulator under an adult's guidance.

You can check more about Terrarium Tv here:

Install ShowBox on Mac

ShowBox is a perfect app for all the movie lovers. It not only entertains you to your heart's content but allows you to share video links with friends and family over all the social media sites.

It is an application that is taking people by storm. Undoubtedly ShowBox is entertaining users for a long time now. The only restriction felt by it users and most of the customers was that it was not available for iOS devices.

The good news is that now ShowBox HD is available for iOS devices like iPhone, iPad, iPod touch and Mac. It is quite easy to use and simple to understand. Let’s follow the procedure to download ShowBox on Mac:


Download ShowBox Apk on Mac


Before downloading ShowBox apk file, e need to install Google Chrome Browser on our devices. But if you already have it installed then you can skip this step.

Step 1 - Open Google Chrome and download “ARC Welder” Android emulator.

Step 2 - Click on “Add to Chrome”

Step 3 - Open a new tab on Google Chrome and press “Apps”

Step 4 - Open ARC Welder and hit on “choose”. This will allow you to make a different directory of file to save all your Android applications.

Step 5 - Download ShowBox Apk file on your Mac.

Step 6 - Go to ARC Welder and press “Add your Apk”. Now add ShowBox. Apk file.

Step 7 - Now you can test whether the app is working or not by pressing on “Test”.

Step 8 - ShowBox apk file will successfully run on your device.


Final Words

ShowBox HD is an application that can entertain you with unlimited stock of movies. Believe me, it is impossible to get over with the amount of movies present in the application. It would be wonderful if you could experience the app by yourself. Do share your experience with us by writing your comments below. Thank you!

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CinemaBox HD - How to get it for Android

CinemaBox HD is an entertainment application that basically streams movies, tv shows and videos for movie lovers. So far, CinemaBox HD is the best movie streaming application in the digital market. It allows you to watch unlimited movies, latest tv episodes and videos for free. It not only entertains you via your mobile phone but also enables you to stream movies on your television screen. No doubt, CinemaBox is the safest entertainment application with a kids lock and trusted video links. CinemaBox HD also known as PlayBox HD, is running successfully in various countries with innumerable languages and suitable subtitles.


How to get CinemaBox HD for Android

As we all know, CinemaBox HD is specifically designed for Android based devices, thus, the procedure of downloading this app on your Android device in also very easy and simple to understand.

To download CinemaBox HD for Android devices, follow the steps below:-

Step 1 -Change your phone’s settings to ensure that you can download apk files on your device.

                               Go to settings > security > Unknown Sources


Step 2 - Download CinemaBox HD apk file from its official website or third party sites.

Step 3 - As soon as it downloads, go to file manager and tap on the file to start the installation process.

Step 4 - A pop up will ask you to ensure that you want to install the app. Press “Install”

Step 5 - Now you can find the app icon on your home screen. Open and enjoy.


There are some amazing alternatives to CinemaBox HD; Videoder, VidMate, NetFlix, ViewSter, TubeMate, SnapTube, Cartoon HD, ShowBox, PlayView and many more. These alternatives work almost in similar way but with minor differences to notice.

Final Words

CinemaBox HD works best on platforms like Android, iOS, Windows and BlackBerry. CinemaBox HD is an amazing application for all the movie lovers. It allows you to enjoy your day with awesome movie collection and latest tv shows. CinemaBox HD is becoming the most popular app of today's market.

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CinemaBox HD features that will blow your mind

There’s a lot CinemaBox HD app can do for you. Most amazing about the app is that it can play unlimited movies and TV shows for you on your mobile device, be it Android, iOS or Blackberry. It can make your entertainment time full of joy. But there’s a lot more to why CinemaBox is awesome.

There are tens of factors that weigh in when deciding whether the app is a hit or a miss. They include, but are not limited to, the ease of use, the utility and the availability of the app. Based on these key factors, we have 4 features ready to show why CinemaBox is perfection.

CinemaBox HD Features:

Daily Updates of content

CinemaBox takes care that you have fresh content to enjoy all through the day. New movies and TV shows to watch are added everyday, and every week apart, the landing page is totally different in context of the titles visible. Watching latest movies and TV shows couldn’t have gotten easier.


Chromecast enabled

A welcome relief from the rule, Chromecast is enabled for CinemaBox. Not many apps can boast that they support casting their content to the TV, PC or other big screens. With CinemaBox, all you need is a Chromecast enabled TV and an app like LocalCast or AllCast, and your favorite movie or TV show can be played to the big screen directly.


Support for Kids Mode

There is something for everyone in the vast collection of films and TV episodes that CinemaBox has. But the issue is that not everything is suitable for people of all ages. There are movies and episodes and documentaries you would not want your kids to watch, like if they contain violence, bloodshed or adult content. To prevent your kids from accessing improper material, we have Kids mode to our rescue. Toggle it from the settings and you can rest assured.

Subtitle Support with all languages

CinemaBox’s subtitles are convenient to get. Plus, you can get them in almost any language there is. The app arguably supports the largest number of languages in terms of subtitles, so now you can catch the plot with ease using this very service. The downloads are available within the app itself, which saves you a lot of hassle.

These were the top 4 features of CinemaBox. Which is your favorite? Tell us in the comments below.